Here are a selection of lovely comments from some of the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

“Jane Ralls has a friendly but highly professional approach, displays attention to detail and has excellent guiding & supporting skills, a wealth of knowledge & experience and a high level of transferable skills. This short contract has been the best experience I have had working on developing FRONTLINEdance and I’m delighted at what has been achieved within the ten allocated days. Personally, I had the opportunity to revisit why I do what I do, realise exactly what artistic direction I want to take the company and be energised with challenging but realistic goals. My attitude to both the business and artistic side of the company has been transformed and I now have greater confidence, ambition and new & effective methods of working. I feel better equipped to face the challenges ahead. FRONTLINEdance has now got a comprehensive organisational plan, contacts spreadsheet and a research, foundation and trust spreadsheet. We have been provided with clear guidance of where and how our organisation can develop”.
Rachael Lines, FRONTLINEdance’s Artistic Director & Project Manager.

“You’ve made a huge difference to lots of people during your years at dx – young people, professionals and the team members and colleagues you’ve nurtured and managed. Your genuine and deeply-felt commitment to equality of access and to creating high quality and meaningful opportunities for people to grow and develop have made a real and lasting impact. I’ll really miss working with you”.
Clare Lewis // Executive Director, DanceXchange

“There is a massive community of people who have benefitted from your hard work and inspiration”
Rachel Gillies // Community Film-maker //

“You would be a humongous asset wherever you put your energies. I had one of the best times of my career working with you and I’m sure anyone who has had the pleasure would say the same. Huge thanks!”
Lucy McCrudden // Learning and Participation Manager, Rambert Dance Company & Independent Dance Specialist //

“You really have made an impact on so many lives….You are truly a wonderful, inspiring and highly organised person”
Hayley Rose-Rooney // Dance Artist and Teacher

“You are so well respected by all who have had the pleasure of ever working with you, your knowledge, experience and integrity are renowned”.
Leonie Hart // Independent Producer

“You were supportive and allowed us all to reach our potential in a challenging and exciting environment”
Lucy Kenny // Active Neighbourhoods Coordinator, Groundworks West Midlands

“You have truly been an inspiration….Your utter competence, tenacity, calmness, patience, intelligence, and most of all your genuine desire to help make peoples lives better through dance is just awe inspiring”
Rosie Gunn // Officer, Artistic Assessment at Arts Council England (until 2015)

Please see the relevant pages for specific feedback related to Coaching and Action Learning.

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