Current Projects

This year has provided me with a great opportunity to reflect on my work and re-focus things as little as we’ve welcomed a new addition to the family (just doing my bit for audience development ;-)).

As such, I’ve “quietened down” the producing and project management proportion of my work and have been growing and strengthening my coaching and facilitation roles. Working with people and teams, listening to their life-stories and witnessing their transformation, inspires me every day!


In addition to my private practice as a coach, I feel incredibly privileged to have secured a contract working as the Birmingham Coach for Dancers’ Careers Development, working with professional dancers as they progress through their career and transition away from performance.

I am also continuing my relationship with Shaw Trust as a voluntary coach. From January 2020 my work with them will be virtual rather than in-person and I look forward to trying out their technology!

I have been engaging with regular supervision and making the most of a little more time to take part in co-coaching, coaching networks and other CPD. It’s always so interesting to learn from others and try out new tools and techniques.


I have continued in my role as Associate for Arts Connect, delivering development days and supporting schools to demonstrate their commitment to arts and culture by gaining Artsmark.

The two other Associates (and Arts Connect itself) have been so accommodating in covering my few months of “maternity leave” and supporting me with new developments; Arts Council England likes to keep us on our toes!

We’ll soon be piloting an Artsmark Communities project which will allow me to support schools and teachers close to my doorstep – how great is that! Let’s hope it goes well!

Mentoring and facilitation

It’s always a pleasure to be invited back to work with teams and companies that I’ve supported with facilitation in the past. Whilst it was a little too soon for me to leave the “newbie”, I helped Restoke to plan a visioning session with their Up Men, a legacy from their Man Up project. I was also asked to lead an Away Day with the Dancefest team.

In addition, I was invited to lead a visioning session with Birmingham Dance Network (BDN) and am also working as a mentor for one of their team.

What next?

Now that things are a little more settled at home (both the new addition and my older daughter have had to have hospital treatment this year) I am really looking forward to re-balancing work/life and embedding the new focus of my work with energy, passion and just a little bit of caffeine!

Bring on 2020!

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